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Rating a Die Cutting Vendor for Quality, Price & Delivery

Finding A Reliable Die Cutting Vendor

So you’re doing some research and looking for a quality die cutting vendor? Deciding whom you should use for die-cutting services is an important decision to make. What does a quality die cut supplier even look like? Do you know what you’re looking for?

The most crucial elements when trying to find a credible die cutting supplier is reliability and consistency. From expertise and experience to delivery and product quality, reliability and consistency should be apparent in everything your vendor does.

Die Cut Technologies offers the highest quality custom die cutting solutions in the market. Contact us to begin working with a professional die cut supplier today.

Company Expertise & Years of Experience

When considering a die cutting vendor, you need to be able to trust that your supplier will do the job right and that they have the expertise to back it up. Consider the following questions when finding a die cut supplier:

  • Is your vendor trustworthy & reputable?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What capabilities & value-added services do they offer?
  • Who are some of their clients & customers?

Reliable Delivery

You need jobs delivered consistently and on time. Too early or too late can interfere with timelines and manufacturing schedules. Some questions that should be considered when selecting a die cutting vendor include:

  • Do they offer shipping guarantees?
  • Do they provide recurring orders?
  • Do they offer job site delivery?
  • How do they ensure orders are delivered on time every time?

Product Quality

Are you getting the best quality for the prices you’re paying? You don’t want to just pay someone to do the job, you want them to do it well. The following questions will help you evaluate the best fit for your die cutting needs:

  • How does this vendor ensure quality of products & services?
  • Are they certified by proven quality standards?
  • What does their quality control & management system include?
  • Does the supplier continuously strive to improve their processes?


Prices that are too high aren’t sustainable, and prices that are too low aren’t ensuring the quality you need. It’s all about balance. You need your die cutting vendor to produce high-quality results at a reasonable price. The cheapest prices often mean the cheapest products. Some pricing questions to consider when choosing a die cut supplier include:

  • Does this vendor serve customers locally, nationally & around the world? Is pricing consistent?
  • Do they offer all the capabilities & value-added services your job requires?
  • Is quality sacrificed for cost?
  • Is product & service pricing equivalent to the consistent quality of the products?

Customer Service & Your Experience

Pricing is important, but does your supplier work with you to make your job easier? The professionalism and courtesy you experience with vendors is important to factor in when choosing whom you’ll entrust with your die cutting job. Consider the following items when researching your die cut vendor:

  • Is this vendor easy to contact and speak with?
  • Are they helpful with your questions?
  • Are they flexible with your orders and products?
  • Do you enjoy working with them?

Why Choose Die Cut Technologies?

A division of JBC Technologies, Die Cut Technologies is proud to offer high-quality solutions at competitive prices. We work with individuals and businesses across various industries who need custom die cut parts. Located in Northglenn, Colorado, Die Cut Technologies serves clients both locally and across the world.

From sourcing materials to assemblies and kitting, DCT offers multiple services and capabilities from beginning to end of production. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive, one-stop solution for die cutting at a low cost.

At Die Cut Technologies, we understand that quality is essential, and we ensure that our client’s expectations are met in all areas. We’re not content to just stick with what we know, and we prioritize continuous process improvement. Our Colorado-based facility is ISO-9001 Certified and TS-16949 Certified for quality control.

Partner with a Reliable Expert in Die Cutting Today

Since 1961, Die Cut Technologies has produced high-quality custom parts. For over 60 years, we have provided turnkey services from start to finish to improve production processes for our customers and save them money. In late 2021, we merged with parent company JBC Technologies — giving us even more capabilities and bandwidth to better serve our customer needs. Contact us to discover what we can do for your business. If you are looking for efficient production, friendly customer service, and quality products, give us a call today.

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