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Thermal Insulation and Sound Control

The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) provides many industries—including medical devices, industrial equipment, and electronic manufacturers—with die-cut parts and digitally cut materials to meet their specific application. These custom cut parts help to control and eliminate undesirable sound, vibration, and thermal transfers from a variety of applications.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transfer between objects of differing temperature in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence. Thermal insulation can be achieved with specially engineered products made with die cut parts and converted materials.

Heat flow is an inevitable consequence of contact between objects of different temperatures. The thermal insulation products The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) can provide create a region of insulation in which conduction is reduced or reflected rather than absorbed by the lower-temperature object. The insulating capability of a material is measured as the inverse of thermal conductivity. Low thermal conductivity is equivalent to high insulating capabilities.

Acoustic (Sound) and Vibration Control

The common approach to mitigate sound and vibration caused by acoustical/structural resonance is adding damping material to the structure. Damping materials dissipate some of the sound/vibration energy. The traditional passive damping methods include the use of a variety of dissipative acoustic absorbing material for sound, and viscoelastic and friction dampers for vibration.

Vibration control is the process of interrupting the physical transmission of sound through an object. This may be done through mechanical means, using various damping compounds, or inserting vibration-absorbing rubber and neoprene between construction assemblies or machinery parts.

The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) provides several hybrid materials combining both thermal and acoustical properties

  • Heat-Reflecting Sound-Absorbing Sheets: The foil facing reflects heat. Use these sheets to quiet noisy areas and line machine enclosures. They’re made of humidity-resistant polyurethane foam.
  • Flame-Retardant Sound-Absorbing Sheets: This insulation meets UL 94HF1 for flame retardance and ASTM E84 25/50 for flame and smoke. Use to quiet noisy areas and line machine enclosures. Sheets are made of polyimide foam.
  • Vibration Damping Sheets: Install these adhesive-back sheets to reduce noise from vibrating surfaces, such as duct and equipment housings.

We provide custom insulation services and die-cut parts for manufacturers across the globe. When it comes to controlling unwanted heat, sound, and vibration in your product, let The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) be your one-stop-shop!

The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) is your trusted manufacturer – contact us for a free quote today!

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Vibration Sound Foam


Sound and Vibration Control in medical device


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Industrial Cooler with thermal insulation

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