Thermal & Acoustic Insulation | Custom Gasket Applications

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

We have provided parts for several industries—such as manufacturers for medical devices, industrial equipment, and electronics devices—to meet each specific need. We work with world-class material suppliers to source the highest-quality materials to ensure the top-notch performance of each and every gasket.

Thermal Insulation Materials for Die Cutting Services 

Whenever a device has two parts of differing temperatures, heat transfer results in heat passing from the hotter part to the cooler part. This can lead to device failures and requires a custom gasket to provide thermal insulation. Thermal insulation can reduce and reflect heat transfer to protect parts that need to stay cool.

The best material for the gasket can be determined by the temperature range, the type of device in question, the level of compression and conductivity needed, and other factors pertaining to the specific application. This is why custom gaskets are so important for thermal insulation, and we work with world-class material suppliers to provide a variety of thermal insulation materials.

  • Open Cell Silicone Foam – UV/Ozone resistance, flame resistant, can withstand wide temperature range, cost-effective
  • Closed Cell Silicone Foam/Sponge – UV/Ozone resistance, flame resistant, higher compression deflection than open cell, can withstand wide temperature range
  • Polyurethane Foam – foil facing reflects heat, humidity-resistant, can be used for both thermal insulation and acoustic control
  • Polyimide Foam – flame retardant and excellent for sealing out smoke, can be used for both thermal insulation and sound absorption

Die Cutting for Acoustic (Sound) and Vibration Control

Acoustic and vibration control go hand-in-hand, and both are essential for protecting delicate parts that can be vibrated out of place and for protecting users from annoying or disruptive noises from the device itself. Acoustic and vibration control ensure long-lasting high performance of devices and higher customer satisfaction.

Damping materials are used to prevent sound waves from escaping through either noise or vibration, and gaskets are custom-made to guarantee a perfect seal every time. The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) can provide both high-quality materials and custom die-cut gaskets at an affordable price, delivered on time to meet any deadline.

  • E-A-R ISOLOSS LS FOAM – a high-quality foam, low compression set for both sealing and vibration control simultaneously, can withstand broad temperature range, high resilience
  • Rubber – a simple, effective, and affordable material for many acoustic and vibration control applications
  • Neoprene – a high-quality material commonly found in construction assemblies and machinery
  • Polyurethane and Polyimide Foams – humidity-resistant material used in machine enclosures to quiet noise, can be used for thermal control simultaneously
  • Adhesive-backed sheets – The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) provides in-house pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) lamination for easy peel-and-stick placement of parts that need to stay in place during device assembly.

We provide custom die-cut parts and custom insulation services for manufacturers across the globe. When it comes to controlling unwanted heat, sound, and vibration in your product, let The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) be your one-stop-shop for thermal acoustic insulation!

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