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Custom Machined Plastics

We utilize our digital cutting capability for short-run and custom parts made from plastic film to sheets and laminates. Our CNC Router can provide machined shapes made from various plastics and thicknesses with incredible accuracy. Simply provide a DXF file and any material specifications, and the CNC Router can do the rest!

For production runs, we have years of experience in converting large format rolls and sheets of plastic into die cut parts and converting materials into strips and other shapes required by our customers.

Die Cutting Material Advantages:

  • Acrylic – lightweight, shatter-resistant, cost-efficient
  • Nylon – sound control, corrosion-resistant, cost-efficient, self-lubricating
  • Polypropylene – corrosion resistant, temperature resistant, chemical resistant
  • Polyethylene – lightweight, chemical resistant, with a wide variety available
  • PVC – lightweight, printable, can be die-cut or machined
  • PTFE – also known as Teflon, durable, chemical resistant
  • And more!

The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) offers a full range of plastic materials for die-cutting and stamping of gaskets, washers, and seals. Plastic gasket and sealing materials offer corrosion resistance and on moving parts for when wear resistance is required. Common materials used for gaskets include ABS, Acetal, Kapton®, Mylar®, Nylon, Phenolic, Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PVC, and PTFE (Teflon).

Machined plastics are in high demand in several industries, including medical, transportation, electrical, and construction. The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies) is here to help every step of the way with custom parts made to exact specifications.

We are an ISO-9001 certified company that specializes in all non-metallic materials, and we are always improving processes for ourselves and our clients every step of the way.

At Die Cut, we’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve maximum efficiency and productivity by offering a wide range of materials and die cutting services. We die cut plastic for applications in all industries including spacers, gaskets, flat shapes, and more. We can also provide custom laminations of two or more plastic substrates with added pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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