Materials Overview

Die Cut Technologies has partnered with many of the top materials manufacturers in the world in order to provide our clients with a vast array of materials to meet their needs, ensuring that we use the highest quality/best value material for every project, every time.

These materials allow us to make custom products for a variety of industries, including medical, electronic, aerospace, and transportation. Our in-house specialists will help you choose which material is best for your specific product and application.

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Quality Suppliers


Our Materials and Applications

  • Teflon/PTFE: Medical, high temperature, chemical resistance
  • Viton: Flexible, high temperature, chemical resistance
  • Silicone: Resistance to heat and cold, electronics, medical
  • Kapton, Polyimide: Insulator, electronics
  • Elastomers: Flexible, low cost, electronics, medical
  • Plastics, Acrylics: a wide range of applications
  • Graphite: High-temperature environments, high-pressure environments
  • Nomex: High-temperature environments
  • Cork Composites: Flexible sealing, flame resistant
  • EMI/RFI Shielding, Monel mesh: Electronics
  • Foil laminations: Electronics
  • Poron foam: Medical, vibration isolation
  • Adhesive-back rubber: Medical
  • Open & Closed cell foam and sponge: Medical, sound, and insulation
  • Custom materials: Per client specifications

Material Converting

At Die Cut Technologies, we understand the value of our clients’ time and make it a priority to specialize in everything you need so that we are your one-stop-shop from prototype to production. Our material converting capabilities include:

  • cutting and slitting rolls and sheets to size
  • laminating and adding adhesives
  • die-cutting
  • kiss cutting
  • kitting
  • assemblies

If you are looking for an ISO-9001 certified company that works with the highest quality materials and provides top-notch customer service, contact us for a free quote within 24 hours.

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