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Materials Overview

industrial gaskets

Industrial Materials for Precision Die Cut Gaskets

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We have partnered with and is a preferred fabricator and distributor for many of the world’s best materials manufacturers in order to provide our clients with a vast array of materials to meet their needs, ensuring that we use the highest quality/best value material for every project, every time.

Conductive Shielding and Thermal Gap Pads

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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can disrupt the operations or affect the performance of electronic systems, equipment, and individual devices. For ones used in critical applications, such as in the aerospacemedical, military, navigation, or transit sectors, these disruptions or alterations can have catastrophic effects.
medical grade silicone

Medical Precision Die Cutting & FDA Materials

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We have met precise OEM requirements for medical and approved FDA applications utilizing a variety of methods to die-cut shapes, slit, and laminate for customers in the medical, sanitary, and FDA markets for decades.
sound control foam

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

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We have over 50 years of experience in providing custom die-cut gaskets for applications like thermal insulation and acoustic control. We have provided parts for several industries—such as manufacturers for medical devices, industrial equipment, and electronics devices—to meet each specific need.

Precision Die Cutting Sponge & Foam Gasket Material

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We manufacture sponge gaskets and foam gaskets that range from soft to firm in density and have different physical properties for resistance to chemicals and temperatures.
medical chemical

Materials for Challenging Applications

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With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing custom gaskets for the harshest environments imaginable we have several options for die cut gaskets that offer chemical resistance.



Custom Machined Plastics

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We have the capability to produce plastic parts from prototype to large volume production. Our CNC Router can provide machined shapes made from various plastics and thicknesses with incredible accuracy.

laser cutting

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Laminates

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A crucial component of many custom gaskets is the application of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to allow for peel-and-stick capabilities. This often saves time and money when it comes to assemblies by ensuring the gaskets will stay in place.
high temperature

Wide Range of Engineered Materials for Challenging Applications

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We provide a variety of high-temperature materials including Fiberfrax—a lightweight, resilient, asbestos-free gasket material that has excellent thermal characteristics. It is made from an alumina-silica combination.

We have partnered with many of the top materials manufacturers in the world in order to provide our clients with a vast array of materials to meet their needs, ensuring that we use the highest quality/best value material for every project, every time.

These materials allow us to make custom products for a variety of industries, including medical, electronic, aerospace, and transportation. Our in-house specialists will help you choose which material is best for your specific product and application.

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Our Materials and Applications

  • Teflon/PTFE: Medical, high temperature, chemical resistance
  • Viton: Flexible, high temperature, chemical resistance
  • Silicone: Resistance to heat and cold, electronics, medical
  • Kapton, Polyimide: Insulator, electronics
  • Elastomers: Flexible, low cost, electronics, medical
  • Plastics, Acrylics: a wide range of applications
  • Graphite: High-temperature environments, high-pressure environments
  • Nomex: High-temperature environments
  • Cork Composites: Flexible sealing, flame resistant
  • EMI/RFI Shielding, Monel mesh: Electronics
  • Foil laminations: Electronics
  • Poron foam: Medical, vibration isolation
  • Adhesive-back rubber: Medical
  • Open & Closed cell foam and sponge: Medical, sound, and insulation
  • Custom materials: Per client specifications

Material Converting

At The Northglenn Colorado division of JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Technologies), we understand the value of our clients’ time and make it a priority to specialize in everything you need so that we are your one-stop-shop from prototype to production. Our material converting capabilities include:

  • cutting and slitting rolls and sheets to size
  • laminating and adding adhesives
  • die-cutting
  • kiss cutting
  • kitting
  • assemblies

If you are looking for an ISO-9001 certified company that works with the highest quality materials and provides top-notch customer service, contact us for a free quote within 24 hours.

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