Gasket Prototyping Services

Prototyping is a critical stage in the product development process. Part of your future product’s success relies on working with an experienced prototype manufacturer that will deliver accurate parts quickly. You need a company with high quality standards, engineering expertise, and the ability to keep your design confidential.

Rapid Prototyping Solutions for Medical, Electronics, and More!

Die Cut Technologies has over 50 years of die-cutting and plastic prototyping experience. Working with markets ranging from medical to consumer electronics gives us the knowledge needed to meet even the most stringent industry guidelines. 

We deliver low-cost solutions fast and without making any sacrifices on quality. Our team collaborates with you through each stage of the project to ensure your expectations are met. We also keep everything in-house to maintain complete control over quality and protect your design.

In-House Prototyping Capabilities

Different processes provide different results. After reviewing your design, our experts determine which material and cutting process is best for your rapid prototype. We can make plastic prototypes or use foam, silicone, or another flexible material based on your application. Adhesives and laminates can also be added to your rapid prototype to assist in the assembly process.

Both die and die-less digital cutting options are available to handle simple to complex prototype designs. Each process provides different advantages in terms of cost and flexibility. Our experts will help you decide the best choice based on your prototype design and budget.

Production and Add-On Services

When you are ready for production, our team is here to help. We can handle low to high-volume runs and offer the same fast turnaround regardless of project size. Add-on services like kitting and assembly make us your one-stop shop for custom die-cut parts.

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With the best equipment and software at our disposal, you can count on receiving a prototype that meets your exact expectations. Our team is dedicated to quality and ensuring you are happy with the results.  Submit a quote request today, or send us a message to learn more about our prototyping solutions.

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