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Energy & Power Industry

We have expertise in new product design and development has enabled us to become trusted suppliers in the power generation industry for wind, hydro-electric, nuclear, solar, and oil and gas markets.

We also provide gaskets and sealing solutions to power generation industries such as coal, natural gas, gas turbine, and more. The longevity of the high-quality products we supply for conventional and renewable energy sectors are always appreciated by our customers to help reduce factory downtime.

Precision Die Cut Gaskets & Sealing Applications

  • Gas and steam turbines, generators, and transformers
  • Nuclear reactors, pressure vessels, etc.
  • Oil, fuel, and air systems.
  • Auxiliary equipment, such as heat exchangers, circulating water pumps, condenser/condensate systems, boiler feed pumps, piping systems, pipe flanges, and compressors
  • Thermal and electrical insulation materials and fabricated parts.

From a sealing perspective, power generation applications can be characterized as both severe and critical services. Extreme pressures, temperatures, and aggressive media may be encountered, while the failure of a gasket may be extreme. We maintain an extensive inventory of gasket products and materials designed to address these types of challenges. Gasket and sealing solutions include the following:

CNC & Digital Cut Gaskets

  • Fabricated from a variety of high-temperature composites and elastomeric materials which are well-suited for the severe and critical service applications found in power generation.
  • All standard ANSI flange gaskets are stocked or available for quick delivery, made from high-temperature Garlock materials to a commercial-grade red rubber.

Protecting Power Sources with Precision Die Cut Solutions

Power sources of all kinds are often exposed to harsh conditions and endure whatever nature can throw at them. NEMA enclosures, solar panels, and other Smart Grid Systems, engines, generators, and energy storage devices need environmental insulation, thermal insulation, EMI/RFI shielding, vibration control, noise control, and more.

No matter the application, we will find the right material for the job and provide entirely custom gaskets made to exact specifications to ensure the best performance. Over the long term, this saves our energy market clients a lot of time and money by preventing costly repairs that the gaskets protect against.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Performance

There are numerous factors that determine whether a device will perform at its highest capacity. When it comes to energy sources and power generation, many of those factors have to do with pressure and heat, which means that custom parts are absolutely necessary to get the desired result.

We can provide custom precision die cutting and laser cutting services to improve performance and reliability for any device. This customization allows for each and every part to perform perfectly, and if the design hasn’t been proven yet, we offer rapid prototyping to get the design perfected before going into full production.

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