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Almost every product and gasket that JBC West manufactures is custom designed to meet the needs of the client’s specific application. We have built their reputation on the ability to work with design engineers, entrepreneurs, and large and small businesses in developing a custom gasket or part to meet the purpose and expectation of the end product. We apply over 50 years of manufacturing experience in helping our customers find the best value materials and most efficient design that will meet or exceed their expectations.

As a leader in the industry, we are a master distributor of the highest quality gasket materials. We work with customer's design engineers in developing the shape and size of the gasket that will lead to low cost assemblies and a fast and effective installation of the gasket while assuring a long-term solution.

Anytime two surfaces come together and the need is to seal in or out gases, liquids, heat, cold, sound, electrical current, radio waves, or harsh environments, we can develop a solution to meet your specific application, quality requirements, and price range.

Examples of Custom Products and Industries Served

We have developed countless custom products and gaskets for applications in industries such as medical devices, electronic thermal barriers, vibration and sound control for transportation, thermal and chemically resistant gaskets for industrial, high pressure and environmental gaskets for energy.
  • Electronics: Thermal barriers, insulation, and EMI/RFI shielding
  • Medical: FDA elastomers and sponge, filters, adhesives
  • Industrial: Thermal/chemical/environmental control
  • Transportation: Specialty gaskets, shock and vibration control
  • Energy: High pressure, thermal, and environment insulation

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