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Materials for Challenging Applications

The Northglenn Colorado JBC Technologies (formerly Die Cut Tech) has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing custom gaskets for the harshest environments imaginable, and we have several options for die cut gaskets that offer chemical resistance.

Viton Gaskets 

Viton is the trade name for a high-performance fluoroelastomer. This gasket material is an excellent selection for applications that are challenging, demanding, and require a long-lasting seal. Viton is often used in the automotive industry, chemical industry, fluid power industry, and aerospace industry due to its flexibility, reliability, and its ability to perform over a wide temperature range.

Viton has a variety of traits that make it ideal for both low and very high-temperature and corrosive applications. It is resistant to oil, heat, and a broad range of acids. It’s excellent for sealing gases and aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids. Fungus, mold, weather, atmospheric oxidation, and sun do not affect Viton.

PTFE Gaskets 

PTFE (Teflon®) gaskets are custom cut for a wide range of industries and applications. We convert with rule dies, digital knife, or laser cutting. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is DuPont's trademark of Teflon®.

Teflon (PTFE) has excellent dielectric properties and provides excellent thermal insulation with an operating temperature range of 400°F to 500°F. PTFE is the most chemically resistant plastic known and is unaffected by most corrosive liquids, vapors, and gases.

It conforms to both FDA and AMS specifications, making it acceptable to both medical and food production industries. The three basic types of PTFE (Teflon®) materials include Virgin Teflon®, Filled Teflon®, and Expanded Teflon®.

Silicone Gaskets

Die Cut manufactures custom silicone gaskets from silicone in its various forms, including solid silicones, expanded silicone sponge, and silicone foams. We also produce specialty gaskets from electrically conductive silicones and chemically resistant fluoro silicone.

Silicone has excellent weathering properties and handles both hot and cold temperature extremes; resists ozone and oxygen attack. Long service life can be expected at 200°F to 400°F. Because silicone is odorless and tasteless, it is ideal for certain surgical and food processing applications.

Contact us today to get started with rapid prototyping or full production of custom gaskets for chemical resistance.

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