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Precision Manufacturing & Die Cutting Capabilities

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Precision Die Cutting Services

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Precision die cutting is an efficient and cost-effective fabrication process used to create gaskets and two-dimensional shapes. The high precision equipment used for precision die cutting achieves uniformity and precision in parts, from simple designs to complex pieces requiring specific radii and extremely tight tolerances.
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Custom Laser Cutting Services

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Laser cutting is a versatile process that saves you the time and expense of making a die. Cutting material with a laser is also incredibly efficient, allowing a quicker turn-around time than precision die cutting.
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Clean Room Precision Die Cutting Services

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By providing our customers a clean room production environment, we bring added value to products by combining the precision and speed of precision die cutting while producing parts in a low level of contamination in our controlled environment.
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Digital Precision Die Cutting Services

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Digital precision die cutting is used to cut material without using a metal-cast die. This highly efficient process, sometimes called die-less cutting, offers exceptional precision while reducing production time. The exclusion of tooling and metal dies also lowers production costs, making digital precision die cutting a cost-effective solution for your project.
kitting, assembly, and clean room packaging

Kitting, Assembly, and Packaging

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We offer our clients the convenience of flexible kitting, assembly, and packaging as value-added services to improve their bottom line. We can provide solutions to logistics challenges by vertically integrating various components for our customers into sub-assemblies or final kitted products.
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Gasket Prototyping Services

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Prototyping is a critical stage in the product development process. Part of your future product’s success relies on working with an experienced prototype manufacturer that will deliver accurate parts quickly. You need a company with high quality standards, engineering expertise, and the ability to keep your design confidential.

Precision die cutting is an efficient, cost-effective way to manufacture custom components for a wide range of applications spanning various industries. At JBC Technologies’ Northglenn, Colorado facility, we employ a variety of die cutting and other flexible material-converting processes to fabricate custom gaskets, seals, and other application-specific solutions.

Our seasoned manufacturing team offers decades of industry experience and knowledge, making us an ideal resource to take your components from prototyping through production.

Die Cutting Gasket Manufacturing & Prototyping Services

Since 1961, we have expanded our converting services to support increasing numbers of non-metallic materials. Customers benefit from our ability to provide precision-cut parts made to their exacting solutions. Our capabilities range from large format machines for table-top-sized parts to high-speed automated presses for high-volume manufacturing smaller components.

JBC Technologies Northglenn Colorado Division offers various manufacturing capabilities, including die cutting, to provide custom parts to many industries.

Precision Die Cutting in Colorado

Precision die-cutting is an efficient and cost-effective way to manufacture high volumes of identically shaped parts. It is commonly used to manufacture two-dimensional seals, gaskets, and other custom components that require high levels of uniformity and accuracy. JBC Northglenn offers precision die cutting manufacturing services, including flatbed, large, and small format capabilities. Die cutting is ideal for short to high-volume runs of simple to complex parts. 

Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting is a highly precise tool-less manufacturing process that uses a focused laser beam to cut complex, tight tolerance parts. Not only does it offer a more accurate method than traditional die cutting, it enables us to shorten lead times because there is no need to fabricate tooling. Laser cutting is ideal for short to medium runs of small parts with tight tolerances and intricate patterns.

Clean Room Die Cutting Capabilities

JBC Technologies Northglenn offers ISO-certified cleanroom die cut manufacturing that enables us to create components for industries like medical applications and electronics, where stringent contamination standards must be upheld.

In addition to cleanroom medical and electronic parts manufacturing, our team offers value-added services for cleanroom packaging.

Digital Die Cutting Solutions

JBC’s Northglenn facility boasts a number of different die-cutting options, giving us even more ways to produce precision parts from flexible materials without the expense of tooling. Often called die-less cutting, digital “die” cutting is ideal for short to medium runs of large-sized parts.

Gasket Prototyping Services

Our laser cutting, digital die-cutting, and manual presses give us multiple ways to produce prototype parts quickly and efficiently, enabling us to effectively assist our customers with trial and prototype parts throughout every stage of their R&D process. JBC Northglenn provides prototyping services with rapid manufacturing, then produces the needed component with appropriate materials and production processes.

Value Added Services

We proudly offer convenient kitting, assembly, and packaging services to improve our clients' bottom line. We solve logistics challenges by vertically integrating components into sub-assemblies or final kitted products to ensure that your needs are met from start to finish.

Custom Engineering Services in the Colorado Region

Using precision services and capabilities, JBC Northglenn offers high-quality parts manufacturing for users across various industries, including electronics, medical, and aerospace solutions. Material conversion and processing capabilities can meet the demands of any application, and we have experience with a variety of materials.

Manufacturing precision components with us means that your end product will receive concurrent engineering, including design recommendations for parts with premium form, fit, and function. Where engineering isn’t required, our manufacturing capabilities can provide custom solutions to formidable application requirements.

Providing Expert Manufacturing Capabilities & Services

Choosing JBC Technologies for your parts production means selecting a manufacturer partner with expertise and proven success. We deliver high-quality components with excellent customer service. With us, you can expect quote responses within 24 hours, fast turnarounds providing products in a few days (not a few weeks), decades of industry experience to determine the optimal solution for your application, and quality, including our ISO-9001 and ISO/IATF 1649 certifications.

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Our fabrications provide custom solutions for state-of-the-art applications for use in many industries, and we work to deliver high-quality components with expert processes, quality assurance, and quick turnarounds to keep your project on track. Contact us for more information or request a quote for your custom application.

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